A Camping Trip To The Mountains

A Camping Trip To The Mountains has it’s ups and downs. I knew you would like that! Anyway, we have had some of the best times while camping in the mountains. We like the terrain changes you get while looking around. Hiking is tiring if you do it right. But so rewarding between the scenery and exercise. We try to remember to look at the weather before we go. It helps to make sure and bring along the correct clothing. I hate getting too cold while I’m there. But, with the proper clothing all is well. We love to sit around the campfire and tell stories until the wee hours of the morning. Some of our best memories are while we were camping. We usually go to the mountains whenever we get the chance. Depending on the time of year we might camp at a lower level if we think it might get too cold hiking too high up there.

A Camping Trip To The Mountains for us seems to bring about some good nights sleep. It must be the exercise coupled with the good food we eat while camping. My friend Mauricio from Rockaway NJ Tree Service went with us last time. He brought his whole family so we kept extra busy entertaining all the kiddo’s. Between the hiking and the eating we were extra busy with all of them. Of course we had the kids gather firewood and clean up camp for us so it did have benefits having them all there with us.

We selected a nice campground in Pennsylvania that was just a couple hours from where we live. It is the second time we went there. It is a very nice place and they actually have facilities there so you can get a shower if you want to to. There are restrooms there as well and they keep the place very clean and tidy. It is nice to have those options especially when you have a lot of people with kids. Sometimes we would all make a trip to the showers to get cleaned up for the night before we went to sleep.